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This tgame offense we are discussing here was developed by legendary hall of fame coach dean smith. Tex winter, a pioneer in the nba world who brought the triangle offense to the pros, was far more than the man who helped michael jordan to six championships and the lakers to a. The princeton continuity offense coach jacksons pages. Coaches, i asked you what type of ebooks that you wanted and tons of coaches wanted a motion offense motion drills ebook so here it is. Last, but certainly not least, is original bible on the offense published in 1962 by the innovator of the triangle himself, tex winter. Set play power triple 2 1 3 4 5 frame 3 3 runsoffthebaseline triplefora shot. The pass to the low post is always the first option. The triangle, also known as the triple post offense, the sideline triangle offense, and the trademecoach offense, reportedly collapsed under the weight of. Ballside triangle offense 4 on the post seal or into 3.

The encyclopedia of the triangle offense on july 1, 2018. There is no need that the guards, the forwards and the centers play on their typical spots on the. The triangle is described in painstaking detail along with diagrams for every option of the offense at that time. The triangle zone offense features great inside and outside basketball scoring opportunities. Its basic ideas were initially established by hall of fame.

Players can interchange, but its usually best to have two post and three perimeter players. A book just as famous as it has been until now nearly impossible to find. Triangle offense complete coaching guide from 1990 to 2010, the triangle offense also known as the triple post offense was by far the most dominant offense in basketball. Be the first to ask a question about the triplepost offense lists with this book.

The tgame can be used vs either mantoman or zone defenses. The triple post triangle offense presents a detailed overview of the basic principles and fundamentals involved in this highly effective method of offensive play. As the game evolved, hes now using a 14 high stack offense based on triangle principles. If o4 stays high on the weakside, there often is no helpside defender. Post offense a strong low post offense is a big part of this offense. Tex winter, the creator of the triple post offense that has since become the triangle, and phil jackson both agree, it takes several years to really master the. Post 5 steps, plant, turn in on 45 go vertical out, look over inside shoulder at 5 yards hitch in out. The positioning of the remaining two players that are not involved in the triangle is shown by players 2 and 4. Triangle offense highlow this potent offense is a variation of the renowned triple post attack and a continuity offense. The encyclopedia of the triangle offense basketball. Winter, who published the triple post offense in 1962, made the leap to the nba in 1971, serving as head coach of the houston rockets for two seasons. Now we will discuss low post options, and reacting to the post defense.

The tgame or triplepost offense favors a team with strong post players. The triangle basketball offense breakthrough basketball. Connecticut womens chin series basketball coach geno auriemma youtube. Reading this book, the creator of the offense breaks it down beautifully. The double triple post zone offense never fear zone defenses again. Part i diagrams and discusses the drills necessary to develop the offense and the offense itself with all of its options. Triangle 2 3 5 4 1 man set 1 passes to 4 and then gets it back 5 screens for 4 4 curls to the block ballside triangle offense 4 on the post seal or into 3 9. One of the asset of the triangle offense is the chance to isolate the post and attack his defender. Studies conducted on the truss show it is impossible for the triangle to change shape under load, unless one or more of the.

If 5 cuttingposting isnt open, 4 can pass to any of the perimeter players. The triple post offense is dense with basic working positions, drills and topical outlines. Since then, its been adopted by multiple nba teams including celtics, 76ers and sacramento kings. In my opinion, its a talent equalizer kind of an offense, especially if you dont have a dominant post and a bunch of skilled ie. Opposing post players frequently find themselves in foul trouble. Basketball offense tgame triplepost offense, coachs. If you want to learn bob huggins west virginia open post offense that beat kentucky in the elite eight. Truss facts book an introduction to the history design and mechanics of prefabricated timber roof trusses. Princeton series continuity offense although our basic continuity only shows you our dribble entry wing option, you may certainly pass the bal to the wing or into the post at anytime in the offense. Excellent book with a thorough insight to the basics of the triangle offense.

Geno auriemma 14 high offense complete guide coachbase. This triangle is formed in the diagram by players 1, 3, and 5. The triangle offense also called the triple post offense got its name from the sideline triangle that characterizes the offense. The basic structure of the offense is the sideline triangle on one side of the floor, and a twoman game on the weakside. The sideline triangle is formed by a post player on the block and two perimeter players, one in the corner and one on the wing, and can be set up on either side of the court diagrams a and b. Golden state warriors playbook blueprint basketball. From 1990 to 2010, the triangle offense also known as the triple post. Tex winter, the creator of the triple post offense that has since become the triangle, and phil jackson both agree, it takes several years to really master the offenses. Good low post players can be kept low on entries to post up while a good shooting post player can be.

Basketball offense tgame triplepost offense, coachs clipboard. The triangle is created from a post player on the strongside block, the strongside corner, and the extended strongside wing, who gains possession on the first pass. Tex became famous for popularizing the triple post, sideline triangle, or simply, triangle offense, a basketball system based on equal opportunity. So if you are in a situation where you will have the same core group of players for a few years, it might be a good system for you. Can run triple option on setno shift call play action. The triangle offense, also known as the triplepost offense, is an offensive strategy in basketball. Barcelona triple 37 horns kick 38 horns loop 39 a set loop pick 40 a set pick and pop 41. One coach that uses a lot of 14 high or the triple post ie. If you have read tex winters book the triple post offence published in 1962,then this 3 dvd set will be a great help in understanding how to run and implement the offense.

Triple threat arizona zone offense 2 if we enter to one of our posts. Tex y71nters triple post offense the triple post offense or triangle as it is called by some coaches is an effective offensive attack that primarily uses the give and co concept of offensive movement. Set play power triple 2 1 4 3 5 frame 2 4 downscreens for1. Home coaching basketball offense what is the triangle offense. First, this triple post offense is not the same and is not to be confused with the triple post offense or triangle offense, originated by sam barry and refined by tex winter and phil jackson. This book is divided into the following three parts.

The triangle is unique because it is not a collection of sets, as most teams run. Triangle zone offense overload against oddfront 32 or 1. The triangle zone offense outlined below overloads vulnerable areas of the oddfront defensethe high post and the baseline wingsto create shooting opportunities for your offense. If you dont have a post player who fits this description theyre rare, then the princeton offense. The most important thing you need for this offense to be successful is a post player who has a high basketball iq, passes exceptionally well, and can knock down a shot consistently from distance. Motion offense and motion drills ebook is now released. It provides background for the triangles evolution, and it underlines the sometimes rocky and painful road to the legacy he leaves. It isnt often that you come across a triangle and 2 defense, but if and when you do see it, you will want to be able to run something simple against it. If you are looking to have a guide to working and teaching the triangle offense, this book gets the job done. His system was later refined by former kansas state university head basketball coach. Post offense the triple post offense or triangle as itis called by. The desired initial option in the offense is to pass to the strongside post player on the block who is in good scoring position. It has been 27 years since john woodens final game, the ncaa championship victory over kentucky in 1975. It is a power game with inside post play and scoring in the paint, as well as trips to the freethrow line.

The triangle offense, also known as the triple post offense, is an offensive strategy in basketball. How coach winter and coach jackson got their players. The triangle is formed on both sides of the half court diagr. Winter, who has been coaching for close to 50 years, has been jacksons assistant.

All 16 of jamie angelis books plus jim saias 14 high offense in one 3ring binder. Offense use proper triple threat stance and correct jab footwork. Coaches, i am proud to present the triangle offense playbook to you. It is a quick hittino attack that is based upon the ability of the offensive players to read and react to the defense they are facing. This basketball article presents the famous triangle offense.

The 3 best shooting drills ever created click to download. It worked so well that john calipari took it to the college level, modified it and popularized it as dribble drive motion. The triangle offense, deployed with devastating effect by phil jackson as coach of the. The triangle is such a simple, yet intricate offense. Basketball plays best of the horns set plays multiple. Tex winters basketball philosophy and triangle offense. From 1990 to 2010, the triangle offense also known as the triple post offense was by far the most dominant offense in basketball. Background reasons for motion offenses essential components of motion offenses basic principles of motion offense basic concepts vs man to man defense 3. This potent high post attack was instrumental to the success of many of uclas ncaa championship teams under coach john wooden, and is commonly used on all levels of basketball including the nba. Tex winter triangle post offense free download as pdf file.

The play calls for the 5 and 4 to work in conjunction with each other flashing from low post to high post and vice versa while the 3 swings from baseline spot to. Vance walberg dribble drive motion offense coachbase. Originally written in 1968 and reprinted in 1997, the triple post offense sideline triangle by tex winter contains everything you need to know to run the offense that made the chicago bulls sixtime nba champions. Drill 24 motion offense perimeter to post drill 25 motion offense post players drill 26 motion offense screen and roll. Breaking down woodens west coast offense by fran fraschilla one of the best compliments a coach can receive is when another coach borrows his offense and names it after you or your school. I have turned this post into a printer friendly pdf.

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