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Hastings street, camden, london nw1 oxford railway station has been completely modernised since the films setting of the 1950s, so the railway scenes used britains only perfectly preserved mainline steam facility, the great central railway, at loughborough central station. Shadowlands, directed by richard attenborough, based on the stage play by william nicholson, is intelligent, moving and beautifully acted. Shadowlands is the story, based on fact, of an autumnal romance involving the british writer c. This film is about the agonizing spiritual crisis of c. With joss ackland, claire bloom, david waller, rupert baderman. Together, they find a way to accept and honor the time they have shared together, and under the sensitive direction of richard attenborough, shadowlands arrives at a conclusion that. Shadowlands script transcript from the screenplay andor. The movie shadowlands describes the loss of his wife, joy, recalling much of the suffering he felt as child when his mother died. Lewis and american poet joy davidman, her death from cancer, and how this challenged lewiss christian faith. Shadowlands, a nonfiction book on a scientific theory by. S lewis and the american poet joy gresham and her son douglas. Released by angel in 1994 cdq 72435 55093 2 1 containing music from shadowlands 1993.

Movies like shadowlands if you like shadowlands you are looking for touching, sentimental and emotional movies about with terminal illness, college, poet, romance, writers life, fall in love and falling in love themes of biography, drama and romance genre shot in uk. Lewis learns joy has terminal canceremotions he has written about, but never experienced. Lewis, an accurate portrayal of his life and his relationship with joy davidman i had mixed feelings about this movie. Shadowlands, a story of a spring of romance in the. On the one hand, i very much liked certain aspects of it. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. Although this is a nonfiction book, using the writings of both plus recollections of many friends, i couldnt put it down. Lewis, a worldrenowned christian theologian, writer and professor, leads a passionless life until he meets spirited poet joy gresham from the u. Lewis strong faith in christ, to which he devoted his lifes work, was greatly shaken after the loss of his wife, joy. Was the shadowlands movie, starring anthony hopkins as c. Lewiss, late in life marriage and experience with love and loss.

The film also did well to spread messages of faith taken from c. Shadowlands ein geschenk des augenblicks film 1993. Lewis joss ackland is an oxford academic in his 50s, riding high on the success of his series of narnia childrens books. Shadowlands in fact began its life as a television drama, but because jack is the nickname for c. Noted author and scholar finds love, then must endure its loss. Through the shadowlands cs lewis dvd christian movies. Lewis faithful prayers were getting god to help his wife. As a coda to his book, the problem of pain, shadowlands the movie shows the viewer how c. Attenborough, here are five great quotes from shadowlands. The divorcee develops a relationship with cs lewis that continues to deepen until they get married.

Lewis says that when he prays because he cant help himself not to get any gain. The references to the writers views on pain are very repetitive in shadowlands. The love, grief, pain, and sorrow were so shattering to lewis that his basic christian beliefs, magnificently communicated in his many books, were now called into serious doubt. Not quite a decade later, anthony hopkins, debra winger, and edward hardwicke who plays lewiss brother warnie made a full length film called. Shadowlands, a movie very loosely based on the life of c. This lavishly mounted adaptation of the play by william nicholson tells the.

Shadowlands is a 1993 film about the middleaged british bachelor writer and professor c. He went on to say that debra winger in the hollywood version of shadowlands gave the best portayal of his mothershe recieved an academy award nomination for her work. Shadowlands resources eternal perspective ministries. In the movie, lewis colleagues praise him and affirm that c. A stageplay of the same title by william nicholson had been produced by the bbc in 1988 and has been shown on pbs in america since then. Lewis through the shadowlands includes both, a 90minute television version and 73minute abridged version. This movie chronicles the heartbreak of lewis, the devastating doubts that. If youre a cs lewis fan you have probably read enough of his writings to have a background for this movie. Shadowlands doesnt have all the deep thoughts and summaries of situations of sbj but its a great way to get to know cs lewis and the people he cared most and with joy in the pages it adds the romance element sbj lacks. Shadowlands play, a tv film adapted for the stage by william nicholson about c. Shadowlands 1993 dvd is an excellent drama that holds up well some 20 years later.

Lewis, love was a foriegn entity of unrequital dimension, entering his emotional psyche like a piercing, unidentified, flying object. I know, i know, i still need to get the cast names in there and ill be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free. In addition to those people, the movie also shows lewis with students he teaches at oxford. It understands that not everyone falls into love through the avenue of physical desire. Shadowlands video game, 1992 computer role playing game published by domark. But the movie also explores the deep questions of faith c. Written by william nicholson based on a script by brian sibley and norman stone.

Lewis and his marriage to joy davidman gresham and directed by sir richard attenborough, was released in the united states on christmas day, 1993. Writer william nicholson later adapted his tvmovie for the stage. Lewis and his wife joy ends tragically with her death from cancer, leaving his spiritual beliefs in dire crisis. Shadowlands soundtrack from 1993, composed by george fenton. Lewis reacts when sudden tragedy strikes him down through the suffering and death of his wife joy. Shadowlands premiered in 1989 in the west end and in 1990 on broadway. Lewis anthony hopkins is a world renowned writer and professor.

The play limits lewis interactions to warnie, his colleagues, joy and illnessrelated people like doctors, and douglas. Lewis writings a strong connection between pain and prayer. Shadowlands is a perfectly competent biographical drama, magnificently performed by anthony hopkins and encompassing the best features of british period films, it is sober, elegant and subtle. With anthony hopkins, debra winger, julian fellowes, roddy mauderoxby. The shadowlands movie makes lewis much more human from the start and gives him different forums in which to express his humanity. Through the shadowlands dvd through the shadowlands is a heartwrenching tale of love, loss, and rebirth. At the cs lewis institute in the wash dc area in a presentation on cs lewis his stepson douglas grisham said that joss ackland gave an accurate portrayal of lewis. But when joy is diagnosed with cancer, lewiss christian faith is put to the testhe cannot fathom why their happiness together would be so drastically challenged. Lewis is making a bit of a comeback with the chronicles of narnia movie of late, but heres a film portrait of him made in 1993 starring. And if you havent read much of his work, shadowlands is a beautiful story, well done, superbly acted, and might help you get into the whole body of work.

Anthony hopkins is superb as c s lewis and i couldnt imagine anyone else playing joy gresham. Is life but a shadow the shadowlands ben witherington. On the other hand, there were fundamental alterations of reality that were inexcusable. Through the shadowlands is a gripping saga of first love between two unsuspecting participants who become gathered together by shared interest. Shadowlands dvd is an elegant drama and has hopkins working during the period of some of his most prolific work as actor. Watch shadowlands 1985 full movie free online streaming. Lewis and a divorced american woman named joy gresham. Lewis came to know for joy gresham, and her subsequent sufferings and death from cancer contributed to a profound questioning on his part of attitudes to pain and death. Christopher can scoff, jack, but i know how hard youve been praying. I found through the shadowlands on amazon, and ordered it. Anthony hopkins a brilliant actor by any measure and debra winger do a masterful job at acting in this depiction of c.

With all the hype surrounding the movie version of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, it seemed fitting for me to finally get around to viewing shadowlands 1993, a touching, intelligent film about narnias creator, c. This original heartwarming account of his marriage to joy davidman gives you insight into how lewis moved forward in faith out of the dark shadowlands following his beloved wifes death. Lewis, and his brief but tragic love affair with joy davidman gresham. The success of the stage play lead to it being adapted again by nicholson for a feature film. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay andor viewings of shadowlands. I had seen this movie years ago but after rereading a couple of lewiss books, and visiting his home, the kilns in oxford, i wanted to see the movie again. Shadowlands 1993 had previously been filmed as a wellregarded british television movie in 1985 starring joss ackland as lewis. Shadowlands directed by richard attenborough 1 minutes pg rating commentary by kevin miller. The acting is splendid, the script is literate, and the production design is firstrate. In shadowlands too we are invited to consider with jack why, if god is good he allows such pain in the world. Lewis, the irishborn writer and lecturer whose theological works and chronicles of narnia books are invoked here, and the american poet joy. Lewis 18981963, the scholarly proselytizer for christianity and the author of the. After watching the movie which i believe was called shadowlands, i was anxious to learn more about jack and joy. A work of indisputable technical quality and great visual appeal that ponders on pure love, the fleeting nature of life, the existence of god, pain and loss.

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