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Pentatonic scales for guitar a pentatonic scale has just 5 notes. The third note of the minor scale is the first note of the relative major with the same key signature. However, this leaves a minor third interval between the sixth and seventh note. Harmonic minor positions 7 positions of harmonic minor. Then after you have your natural minor scale, all you have to do to get the b harmonic minor is raise the 7th scale degree one halfstep. These 5 positions are all one and the same natural minor scale but played in different shapes and areas on the fretboard to give you the freedom to play the scale all over the neck and improvise without restrictions. Near the bottom of the page i also provide a pdf download of all harmonic minor keys in standard tuning.

Lets get into guitar world and lets take a look on where you can play the harmonic minor scale. Weve learned the basics of the scale, now its time to learn harmonic minor positions across the entire fretboard so we can create one, large unboxed pattern. If you want to download a pdf of the scales then you can do so by signing up for my mailing list and entering your email here below. If youve ever heard yngwie malmsteen then youve heard the scale in action, because its just about the only scale the swedish guitar master plays. Classical is the best word for the sound of this scale. The natural minor scale is also known as the aeolian mode or relative minor. Harmonic minor guitar scale chart click here for a high quality printable pdf file of this scale chart. How to play the e harmonic minor scale fachords guitar. In the diagrams to the right you see one octave of an a natural. How to use the harmonic minor scale over a minor 251. You can use this scale in a minor key or over a minor chord. Th e other chord tones of v7 are also included in the scale, but the 3rd is the note that would be left out of any minor scale with a. The root notes a in these examples are circled so that you can learn their locations.

Minor scales come in three main varieties, the natural minor, melodic minor and harmonic minor. Although the harmonic minor scale over a single minor chord is a sound you hear occasionally in pop and rock music, truthfully, its not too common. With this i mean that the order in which the major and minor chords appear is always the same. The natural minor scale can be played in 5 different positions just like the major scale, the pentatonic scale and all the other scales. For example, suppose you are playing in the key of am, so your v7 chord is e7. The root notes in this case a, are shown by the black dots, the other notes in the scale are shown by the red dots. Guitar practice the harmonic minor scale life in 12 keys. For this video lesson i have broken up the harmonic minor scales into the 3notes per string format. Harmonic minor scale guitar lesson guitarskillbuilder. Scale diagrams can also be labeled with either letters or scale degrees.

Below is a c major scale and its relative minor scale, a minor. Its like a major scale in every respect except that for the flat 3rd. Learn the note names all harmonic minor scales in table form, in all 12 circle of 5ths keys, including single and double accidental theoretical keys home mobile view scale. E d g b e a pentaton c minor scale box 1 glitarsik. How to play harmonic minor scale guitar tab minor scale guitar, guitar scales. It is identical to the natural minor scale,but with a major 7th.

In other words, every note in the scale is associated with a chord. The a minor pentatonic comes from the natural minor scale. By raising the seventh note of the natural minor to a major seventh interval, this scale resolves to the tonic with more movement. The fretboard is shown with the lowest pitch string at the bottom and the highest pitch string at the top unless youve tuned your instrument differently. Basically, dominant function is the tendency of the dominant chord, chord v, to pull to the tonic, chord i, in a key.

G major e minor pentatonic scale guitar scales the pentatonic scale is a favorite of many guitarists and its easy to see why. Harmonic minor scale on guitar the harmonic minor scale is a slight variation on the natural minor scale. The chord structure for the minor scale is the same for all keys. Before you dive into the harmonic minor scale on the guitar, you need to understand the concept of dominant function. The harmonic minor scale guitar diagrams and theory. Learn how to play and memorize harmonic minor scales for guitar. Open position major scales for guitar lesson printout pdf dap if you would like to learn how these open position major scales for guitar are used to create different bass runs to connect chords, be sure and check out my rhythm guitar mastery course. This is a big difference because this changes the tone center and root note which will make it sound like a completely different scale. We call those 5 common notes the pentatonic minor scale 1 3 4 5 7.

How to play every major and minor scale all over the fretboard part 1 guitar lesson with tabs duration. The major and natural minor scales are of course not the only scales we use in western music. It also helps to think of modes as major 3 or minor b3, which depends on the third. Learning these d minor fret board scale patterns will open up a whole new world when its time for you to play a guitar leads or solos. Com the 5 harmonic minor scale patterns fix each one connects to the next and continues down and up the fretboard. The first scale most guitar players learn is the minor pentatonic scale. Harmonic minor scale patterns with tablature youtube. The chords associated with the a minor scale are a minor, b diminished, c major, d minor, e minor, f major, g major.

The harmonic minor scale guitar lesson with backing tracks. Every major scale has a corresponding natural minor scale, also called the relative minor. Click this pdf will show you five patterns of the scale. This package contains a guitar method available as a pdf with tabs, audio files and theory providing 40 dominant jazz guitar lines. Scale harmonic minor 1,2,b3,4,5,b6,7 fullth pattern root note a guitar tuning. One way to think of the harmonic minor scale is as a natural minor scale with a raised 7th degree. The tablature and standard musical notation for the scale will be shown below. A harmonic minor scale guitar tab a harmonic minor scale guitar 2 octave tab a melodic minor guitar. Natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales end of the game. The minor scale in its purity is called the natural minor scale, and it is the base for 2 more scales, the harmonic minor scale sharp 7th degree, and the melodic minor scale sharp 6th and 7th degrees. The minor pentatonic scale by paul tauterouff the minor pentatonic scale is one of the most commonly scales used in rock, blues, country and jazz music. The harmonic minor scale is one of the most difficult scales to play because of the large interval between the flat 6th and raised 7th degrees and interval of an augmented second, same as a minor third.

One of the situations in which the harmonic minor scale is most useful is over the v7 chord in a minor key because the raised 7th of the scale is the 3rd of the v7 chord. C major scales for classical guitar from my ebook see info below. Use the scale chart generator below to help you learn the harmonic minor scales in any key and just about any kind of guitar tuning. It can be useful to think about what fingers to use to limit the amount of positions switches per position. That will require us to learn 7 scale forms, one for each scale degree in a harmonic minor scale. C major and a minor are relative keys sharing a key signature with no flats or sharps. As you can see the difference between the natural minor scale and the major scale is the 3rd, 6th and 7th notes have been flattened by half a step. It the primary scale used in the neoclassical movement led by malmsteen. The minor scale is the perfect scale to learn if you want to play rock, metal or even blues. Guitar scales printable charts of the most commonly used. This scale is a favorite among shredders like yngwie malmsteen, steve vai, joe satriani, and marty friedman. Start here ebooks guitar apps online lessons tutorials chords scales. The easiest way i know to learn all 7 harmonic minor scale shapes on the guitar neck.

If you play a major scale and go up to the 6th degree of the scale, then that note will be its relative minor. It is less vibrant than the major scale, but its dark sound is perfect for creating tension and suspense. The natural minor is the aeolian mode of the relative major scale. Make sure when you spell the natural minor scale you start on the b note. This scale is transpositional and can be played in, and should be practiced in, all keys. In this lesson i run through some common open and closed patterns for c major which are great for technique or to just build a foundation, and then i go over closed patterns for.

It contains two tritones, and has within it several tonal implications. Major scale 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 a 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 major scale sae b b b c b 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 1 4 3 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 6. In a moment, well learn exactly what makes harmonic minor a unique scale, its basic fingering on guitar, when to use it and which chords and chord sequences its compatible with. Intro to the harmonic minor scale community guitar. Relatives at a family reunion look alike, and relative key signatures look alike also. Guitarmaps are a unique way to learn and practice d minor guitar scales. It is one of the most commonly used scales in rock music, with a timeless bluesy sound that is favored in every genre from country to metal. The harmonic minor scale is one of several minor guitar scales that can be used in improvisation. Harmonic minor positions on guitar this lesson is a continuation from the harmonic minor scale lesson. To get the melodic minor scale you would raise both the 6 th and 7. The harmonic minor scale was created when composers wanted to create minor sounds but still retain the powerful resolution that comes from the major v i cadence a natural minor scale has a minor v chord. Clicking here and on the image below will open a pdf file of the melodic minor scale chart for guitar that prints nicely.

In this tutorial, were going to study how to play the e minor harmonic scale on your guitar. To use it, simply play the harmonic minor scale built off of the root of the tonic or root of the i chord so for a minor iivi in c minor, play a c harmonic minor scale. Understanding minor scales free guitar lessons by carl brown. Harmonic minor scale guitar patterns fretboard chart, key. The raised seventh gives the harmonic minor a distinctive threesemitone interval three halfsteps between the sixth and the seventh note. Show me chords that sound good with a d harmonic minor scale.

The reason probably being the harmonic minor is such a strong sound, that using it for extended periods of time can sound almost cliche. Printable downloadable harmonic minor scales guitar chart. Since you will be using the harmonic minor scale so oft en over the v7 chord, it is worth looking at them together. Next notice how each mode has one or two notes that makes it unique from the major or natural minor scale. The harmonic minor scale is so named because, particularly in baroque and classical times, it was this scale, rather than for example a natural minor or melodic minor scale, which would have been used to harmonise music in a minor key. The harmonic minor scale has a very distinct sound to it. The next table shows the correspondence between the root of the scale and the fret on the guitar where a certain scale should be played. Harmonic minor scale 3 notes per string here is an overview of the harmonic minor scale in the key of c, using the 3 notes per string system. Harmonic minor scale diagrams beginning on each of the 12 chromatic tones.

In level of importance, i place this scale pretty low unless you are specifically looking to play classical baroque style music. The harmonic minor scale is the most recognizable guitar scale. From that 6th note you can play seven notes ascending going up. The harmonic minor scale is common scale classical and neoclassical yngwie and co. This scale shares the same notes as its relative major counterpart, so for example, c. The harmonic minor scale is similar to the natural minor except for a raised seventh. For those of you who followed along with the major scale studies on this site, it. Basics of the harmonic minor scale on the guitar dummies. Similarly, secondary dominants are a way of using the dominant sound to strengthen a progression toward chords other than the tonic.

Guitarmaps are a simple way to develop a better vision of the whole guitar fret board, allowing you to play solos anywhere on the guitar neck. The natural minor is one of the three minor modes of the diatonic scale. The harmonic minor scale is another variation of the natural minor scale. The chords of the minor scale music theory for guitar. Sometimes it gets really handy to play this scale on a threenoteperstring structure. How to play a natural harmonic minor scale on guitar. As you will learn, these patterns can be transferred to all keys. Above is the a natural minor scale shown in 5 positions. To see the scale centered on any portion of the fretboard use your mouse to drag the green outline left or right.

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