Star trek original series blu ray audio problem

Cbs offering free replacement bluray discs to fix star trek. Im curious if i wait to buy the blu ray set if it will contain the fixed version or the original. The video is sharp, sound is great and the discs have played with no issues. The original series on bluray as the altered reality of j. Viacomcbs today announced that the series of star trek short films will make the leap from streaming to home media in june. The original series tos to distinguish the show within the media franchise that it began the show is set in the milky way galaxy, roughly during the 2260s. The voyage home 1986 is my favorite of the tos films. Buy star trek 110 remastered box set from zavvi, the home of pop culture. Star trek tos is the best on blu ray it is just great stuff the colors really pop they. This dated bluray set is a fine choice and is not plagued with the issues described. I cant imagine this not having been discussed here, but i could not find anything with a search. There are some episodes that inadvertently had their front channel designations incorrectly mapped, resulting in an undesired playback experience when listening to them in a 7.

In this movie, the gang ventures back to our time to acquire a pair of humpback whales and save the planet again. The official star trek website and gateway to the final frontier skip to main content. Its the first commentary of any kind for a star trek tv show, but an audio. This bluray has five episodes from the original series of star trek. Star trek original motion picture collection 16 bluray. Audio nettamente migliore, immagini rimasterizzate. Unboxing the 3 seasons of star trek the original series on blu ray. Does anyone know why the audio for the enhanced audio version of the episodes. Star trek tos complete series bluray unboxing youtube. I dont think you should encounter and player specific issues however, in my case. Seasons 17 dvd, 2004, 47disc set at the best online prices at ebay. It has great picture quality and the sound is great too. Shop star trek original motion picture collection 16 bluray 2009 region free. This bluray is the only way to get the pilot episode.

The original series season 1 7 discs bluray best buy. Theres been no new star trek tv series since enterprise limped off screens in 2005, but the huge success of the 2009 star trek movie and the gradual growth of bluray has caught cbs attention. The original series tos bluray complete series hd duration. Last year i bought the dvd of star trek discovery series 1 which i am currently rewatching on channel 4. Abrams new star trek movie closes in on its may 8 premiere, cbsparamount is teaming up with to give away. Season 1 contains digitally remastered versions of all 29 episodes of first season of the original series, which not only cleans up a lot of. Thinking about finally pulling the trigger on tos on bluray, because i have heard there is a way to. Hd talk star trek bluray audio issues i guess its being hinted that i posted this int he wrong forum originally, so ill repost it here. Regarding the mono audio is it the genuine original presentation. Take advantage of great prices on bluray, 4k, merchandise, games, clothing and more. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The new set lets you choose to watch star trek in hd, with the original or new. Dear star trek fans, we have discovered an anomaly in the english 7.

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