When was pennsylvania colony founded

The pennsylvania colony was one of the original british colonies that became the united states of america. Moisture from the air keeps it cool and humid as well as maintains a level of moisture in the ground, therefore making very suited for agriculture. The first public school in the american colonies was founded by the quakers in philadelphia. William penn founding and governorship of pennsylvania. Philadelphia had become the largest englishspeaking city in the world next to london. The king signed the charter of pennsylvania on march 4, 1681, and it was officially.

It was founded in 1682 by the english quaker william penn. This lesson is an introduction to the founding of pennsylvania and will help the students explore how pennsylvania was colonized in the 17th century. William penn founded our pennsylvania colony and provided religious freedom for the quakers. Pennsylvania s assembly met in what was called the state house, now called independence hall. Pennsylvania actually means penns woods, referring to the holder of the founding colonial charter, william penn. Massachusetts bay colony, one of the original english settlements in presentday massachusetts, settled in 1630 by a group of about 1,000 puritan refugees from england under gov. Pennsylvania charter phmc our documentary heritage. The pennsylvania colony was founded in 1681 by william penn, a quaker convert who converted a debt owed to his family by the king into a charter for a proprietary colony. The colony, founded by william penn in order to promote religious liberty, became an economic growth center well before the years leading to the revolutionary war. Pennsylvania was so named, in 1681, after william penn, the founder of philadelphia. The pennsylvania colony was founded by william penn and others in 1682.

The colony attracted settlers from a number of different beliefs and countries, including germany. Penn was granted the charter as a place for quakers to. The pennsylvania colony was founded in 1682 by william penn and other colonists. The history of pennsylvania begins in 1681 when william penn received a royal deed from king charles ii of england, although human activity in the region precedes that date.

Pennsylvania was one of the middle colonies, along with new york, new jersey, maryland and delaware. Delaware had its own colonial government after 1701 and became a state in 1776. The climate and geography of colonial pennsylvania was similar to that of the current state of pennsylvania. William penn was the son of sir william penn, an admiral in the british navy, who rendered important services to the nation, on account of which, and by way of recompense debt, charles ii granted to the son the territory of pennsylvania, and so naming it. Their assistance allowed the dispatch of over 50 ships in 1682 and 1683, which rapidly settled the new colony. In 1681 penn and 11 other quakers bought the proprietary rights to east new jersey from the widow of sir john carteret. English quaker william penn founded pennsylvania in 1681, when king charles ii granted him a charter for over 45,000 square miles of land. The charter stated the type of government, and that type of government stayed in tact until 1776. Charles ii, king of england owed money to penns family. The democratic principles that he set forth served as an inspiration for the united states constitution. Philadelphia, chester, and bucks, but by 1773 there were eleven. Natural resources, agriculture, manufacturing, commerce and transportation were some of the elements underlying the economy of colonial pennsylvania.

William penn founded the colony of pennsylvania by unknown. Some records for this time period are in pennsylvania archives, series 2. In 1681, william penn was given a large area of land by king charles ii of england. Pennsylvania s capital, philadelphia, was the site of. The pennsylvania colony was one of four middle colonies which also included the new york colony, the delaware colony, and the new jersey colony. All are granted the right to participate within the government. The city of philadelphia was founded and became the capital of the new colony. The history of pennsylvania begins in 1681 when william penn received a royal deed from. Create marketing content that resonates with prezi video. Pennsylvania began life as a huge quaker colony that encouraged religious tolerance. The founding of pennsylvania, about 40,000 square miles, was confirmed to william penn under the great seal on january 5, 1681. The naming of the pennsylvania colony king charles ii of england specified in the charter given to william penn that the name should be pennsylvania. Why pennsylvania is the best colony during the colonial period essay.

Pennsylvania land and property genealogy familysearch wiki. Colonial pennsylvania was an important hub in the american colonies and is a site of historical significance. The province of pennsylvania, also known as the pennsylvania colony, was founded in english north america by william penn on march 4, 1681 as dictated in. The founding of pennsylvania historical society of. One of the original colonies, pennsylvania was founded by william penn as a haven for his fellow quakers. Penn turned to fellow quakers to help finance the settlement of the of the new colony. Also, as an added bonus, the winters in the pennsylvania colony are not as harsh as others. What is the climate and geography of pennsylvania colony. Pennsylvania s capital, philadelphia, was the site of the first and second continental congresses in 1774 and 1775, the latter of which produced the declaration of independence, sparking the american revolution.

The religion was illigal in england, so quakers fled to pennsylvania in search of refuge. Merchants joined together in stock companies and founded the settlement of virginia in 1607, intended to produce luxuries, and others during the 1620s in new england to the north, to provide fish. Promoters of the colonies of carolina and new jersey during the 1660s wanted to reap profits from the sale of land. Philadelphia, a city in pennsylvania whose name means city of brotherly love, was originally settled by native american tribes, particularly the. A community founded on egalitarian beliefs that grants all with the same respect and political status. This is meant as an introductory lesson to immerse students into the world of william penn and create a foundation for future lessons.

Penn had meanwhile become involved in american colonization as a trustee for edward byllynge, one of the two quaker proprietors of west new jersey. Penn had previously helped found quaker settlements in west new jersey and was eager to expand his quaker colony. In march of 1681, king charles ii of england 163085 granted william penn 16441718, gentleman and quaker, the charter for a proprietary colony on the. What were some major obstacles for colonial pennsylvania. Pennsylvania the colony of pennsylvania was founded by william penn, a quaker, in 1681. The birth of pennsylvania depicts william penn receiving pennsylvania s royal charter from king charles ii of england. On march 4, 1681, charles ii of england granted the province of pennsylvania to william penn to settle a debt of. However, education in the pennsylvania colony was more varied. Penn was granted the charter as a place for quakers to settle. What person or group founded the pennsylvania colony. The pennsylvania germans settled most heavily in the interior counties of northampton. Penn founded the colony in 1681 as a refuge for quakers.

Firstly the colony was founded because britain gave the and to william penn to repay debt owed to his father, as previously discussed. The pennsylvania colony was named by king charles ii after william penns father. In 1681, william penn established a colony based on religious tolerance. William penn traveled across the atlantic in 1682 from england aboard the ship welcome with 100 passengers. Penn induced people to emigrate, the terms being 40 shillings per hundred acres, and shares of 5,000 acres for 100 pounds. Terms in this set 9 when was the pennsylvania colony founded. Using the documents provided, students will understand how pennsylvania received its name. However, the british defeated the dutch in 1664 and took control over the area. Penn was given a charter to found the colony by king charles ii. An english colony the first settlers in the region were the dutch and the swedish. The province of pennsylvania, also known as the pennsylvania colony, was founded in english north america by william penn on march 4, 1681 as dictated in a royal charter granted by king charles ii. Schools in the new england colonies were notable for their standardized school system, which often included instruction in the puritan religion. King charles iigranted land for the quakers in the new world for them to settle in an effort to repay his debt. The new sweden company was chartered and, in 1638, established the colony of new sweden at fort christina, in what is today wilmington, delaware.

Pennsylvania colony facts and timeline the history junkie. Penn was issued a land grant by king charles ii largely because of a significant debt owed to his father. In 1681, william penn, a quaker, was given a land grant from king charles ii, who owed money to penns deceased father. It was founded under a charter given to william penn. At the time, the grant was one of the largest in terms of area ever known. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. William penn william penn founding and governorship of pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was among three of the original colonies that were given provincial charters. The king named the new colony in honor of william penns father. The colony of pennsylvania had a mild climate with coastal plains, plateaus and mountains. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. The name pennsylvania, which translates roughly as penns woods, was created by combining the penn surname in honor of williams father, admiral sir william penn with the latin word sylvania. The province of pennsylvania, also known as the pennsylvania colony, was founded in english north.

Pennsylvania also accounts for nearly 10 percent of americas forested area, so there is plenty of room for outdoor recreation tourism to balance the incredible history on display. History and facts of the pennsylvania colony synonym. One factor that distinguished pa from the other colonies was religious freedom. Culture newspapers and magazines flourishes, as does law and medicine.

It would be at independence hall in philadelphia where the declaration of independence was signed by our founding fathers and a new nation was formed. The province of pennsylvania had become the third largest english colony in america, though next to the last to be founded. Originally, the king of england owed williams father, admiral penn debt, and william wanted land in north america, since the king was happy to get rid of his debt do easily, he gave william land. By 1776, the province of pennsylvania had become the third largest english colony in america, though next to the last to be founded. Government structure in colonial pennsylvania education. The pennsylvania colony has very mild weather and climate. Encyclopedia of greater philadelphia pennsylvania founding. He received the charter in 1681 from englands king charles ii as a gift in. Pennsylvania was founded as a british colony in 1681 by william penn and was officially added as a state on december 12th, 1787.

A brief history of the colony of pennsylvania, 16381703. The year it was founded, pennsylvania had a capital, a big city, now with lots of sports teams, philadelphia. This is a combination of the latin word sylvania meaning woodland together with penn. In 1629 the massachusetts bay company had obtained from king charles i a charter empowering the company to trade and colonize in new england between the charles and. Pennsylvania can claim americas first hospital, first library, and first insurance company. Penn was issued a land grant by king charles ii largely because of a significant debt owed to his father, admiral penn. Pennsylvania colony, founded 1681 alexis tainsh william penn was a very important person in the pennsylvania colony, he was the founder.

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